• Lesson times
  • 2019 Dates
6 Months – 5 Years
Monday – Friday 9:00AM -11:30AM
Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM-1:00PM
4 Years and Over
Monday – Friday 4:00PM-7:30PM
Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM-1:00PM
Swim Day Weeks Public Holidays
Term 1 2020
Mon 13th Jan – 23rd March 9 weeks Closed 27th Jan Australia Day
Tues 14th Jan – 24th March 11 weeks Closed 9th March Labor Day
Wed 15th Jan – 25th March 11 weeks
Thurs 16th Jan – 26th March 11 weeks
Fri 17th Jan – 27th March 11 weeks
Sat 18th Jan – 28th March 11 weeks
Sun 19th Jan – 29th March 11 weeks
Term 2 2020
Mon 20th April – 22nd June 9 weeks Closed Monday 13th April Easter Monday
Tues 14th April – 23rd June 11 weeks Closed Monday 8th June Queens Birthday
Wed 15th April – 24th June 11 weeks
Thurs 16th April – 25th June 11 weeks
Fri 17th April – 26th June 11 weeks
Sat 18th April –  27th June 10 weeks Closed 25th April ANZAC Day
Sun 19th April – 28th June 11 weeks


  • * Fees for all new enrolments are due at the time of booking and are to be paid in full.
  • * For re-enrolment, fees must be paid in full by the last lesson of the previous term to confirm your booking.
  • * The centre accepts cash, cheque, credit card (visa or mastercard) and EFTPOS
  • * Please arrive early for the first class to allow time for lane allocation
  • * PAY OVER THE PHONE. This can be done via a credit card. Saves time and queuing up.
  • * No refunds or transfer of fees is permitted
  • * Term dates are correct at time of printing
  • * Fees may be subject to change without notification.
  • Enrolling your child

    Either by phone or at reception we will help enrol your child into our program on a day and time that is suitable for you, our verbal assessment process will ensure that your child is placed in a class with children of similar age and standard. Once your child’s class has been determined, that particular day and time is secured until the end of term, at the end of each term you have the opportunity to keep that same time or request for a change in day or time if need be. A ‘term’ generally coincides with a school term, that being 4 terms per year made up of approximately 10 weeks.Your child’s progress will be constantly evaluated and monitored throughout the term by our qualified instructors to ensure the best results for each child. In the event of any child being disadvantaged by the standard of their swimming we will recommend to the parent to find a more suitable class for the child.

  • Fees

    New Students Fees for swimming lessons are $21 per lesson and due on the first lesson of each term. Over the phone payments are also possible via your credit card – saves time. Reenrollment Class fees are $21 per lesson and must be paid in full before the completion of the prior term in order to re enroll your child.

  • Missing a class

    If your child misses a class for any particular reason your child can be given the opportunity of performing a MAKE- UP class. This is a service that the T.H.S.C offers only to clients that notify the Swim Centre prior to missing the class.

    • Make up classes only apply when the centre is given prior notice that a child will be absent from their regular class
    • Make up classes are booked with reception and only if a position is available
    • Make up lessons are only available once all term fees have been paid
    • Make up lessons can only be taken in the term they are missed
    • It is the parent’s responsibility to arrange make up classes with reception
    • Make up classes must be organised within two weeks of absence
  • Arriving

    We encourage parents to arrive at the centre 10 minutes prior to starting the class. Parents are asked to report to the reception desk prior to their children joining their class, therefore ensuring any information relating to the classes can be passed on before you enter the pool area.Children are not permitted to enter the water prior to the class starting.



What should we wear in the water?

Parents should dress children in normal bathers. Nappies are not necessary, although “Aquanappies” are available for purchase if you are at all concerned about little accidents. Parents are encouraged to wear an old T-Shirt over their bathers in order to allow the children to learn to grip onto something and pull themselves up out of the water rather than being lifted.

When can my child learn without me in the water?

When your child is at the stage where they’re consistently completing all the tasks required for a baby graduate certificate. However, sometimes a child may benefit from one more term in the ‘Parent & Me’ program, allowing for further development.

What is the parents role during class time?

The parent is present in the class for many obvious reasons most importantly to facilitate and encourage their child’s learning. While the instructor is running the class the parent should take careful note to listen and follow the teachers instructions, this will help the child to also follow the class structure. It is important that parents follow the instructions, allowing full benefit from the class.

Will I need to get in the water?

Yes! The more you can show your child by demonstrating or imitating yourself (getting your hair wet, coming up from underwater without rubbing your eyes etc.), the faster your child is likely to learn.

Can we play before or after the class?

As we are not a public swimming pool we do not allow free play outside of class times. Parents should wait with children on pool deck until their teacher is ready for them. After class parents should also leave the water immediately to allow the next class to start without delay or distraction. Play time should be encouraged at another time during the week to allow the child to distinguish between class/learning time and playtime as well as helping to build their confidence and feel for the water.

What Training do the teachers have?

All our teachers are Austswim qualified and additionally go through 30 hours of specific program training under Toby’s guidance.

What if I can not swim?

Parent’s should always try to remain positive and not develop any unwarranted fears or apprehensions within the child. The pool depth is such that most adults feel comfortable and safe at all times. The class structure does not require you to swim yourself. Just remember this is usually your child’s first experience of swimming so try to make it a positive one. During the class do not grip your child tightly, but rather hold them relaxed as demonstrated by the teacher.

How warm is your pool?

Our air and water temperature is 32 degrees, which is suitably comfortable for babies and toddlers.