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Corona Virus

Dear Families

We will never put the health of your child, you, your family or our staff at risk.

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website currently states as at 12.01 pm Friday 13 March 2020
“At the present time there is no evidence of transmission in the community in Victoria so you should continue to go about your business. You do not need to take actions like limiting your movement in the community or staying at home”

There is no current advice to avoid small gatherings or stop going to school or childcare or church or swimming etc.

We have plans in place for these challenging times and will be guided by advice provided by the Federal Government and the Victorian State Government’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHA) in relation to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

We will always put the health and safety of our staff and clients first and we are currently doing all we can to keep the Centre very clean. We are extremely conscious of hygiene at the pool at any time, and have, in line with recommendations, ramped up our cleaning and cleansing routines. We have soap and hot water in the changerooms to wash your hands thoroughly. We urge children or parents who may have a slight cold (not coronavirus) to not come to class to minimise the risk of spreading any germs. (This is good practice anyway and may be a very valuable lesson we all learn from this current shared experience.)

In the event the DHHS or other Government authority advises us to close then we will do as we are told. As will all those in the community. We will isolate in our homes and suspend lessons for the required period of time. We will reopen when we are advised to do so and when it is considered safe for staff and clients alike.

We are a small family business that is not benefiting from the Government’s recent stimulus package and call upon our families to remain calm and continue to support us. If families are not at risk, do not fall into the high risk category and their children are still attending school, preschool or such things as ballet, church, AFL, Soccer etc but choose to stop swimming then our business will be impacted. Sensible, calm and rational, decisions will prevent this from happening.

In the event of any closure we will suspend lessons and start up again when we are told it is safe for us to do so. If we have to close for several weeks then we will stop and start again, just like everyone else.

We urge you to take advantage of the information contained in the Victorian State Government’s Health and Human Services website:
This website contains up to the minute information and advice, including:
a self-assessment for risk of coronavirus (COVID-19),
ways to reduce your risk to coronavirus,
what it is
who is at Risk,
what you need to do if asked to self -isolate
how the Infection spreads
how to prepare.

There is no question these are worrying times, but together with calm and sensible responses and accepting sound advice from the Health Department, we will all get through this. Panic and hysteria is not the way forward.

Yours in Swimming
Toby Haenen Swim Centre

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